Pistol Permit Requirements

Please answer all questions honestly. Any deliberate omission or false entry may warrant rejection of the application.


  • Pistol Application (PDF) must be made in duplicate. Neatly, fill out top half by typing or printing.
    Note: the Application must be received as a front and back document otherwise it will be returned unprocessed.
  • Complete the Cohoes Police Department Pistol Permit Information Sheet (PDF)
  • Complete the Supplemental Information For Pistol Permit Applicants (PDF)
  • Obtain 4 reputable character references that have known you at least one year, having each character reference fill out the character reference form (PDF)
  • In addition, both copies of the pistol application must be personally signed by each reference in the section indicating signature
  • Submit with pistol application, 6 photos, head and shoulder view, 1 1/2 square. 2 photos must be glued to the 2 applications submitted
  • A certified copy of your Driver Abstract of Operating Record must accompany your application. It is obtainable from NYS Motor Vehicles for a small fee
  • 1/2 of a 2 part certificate, indicating you have attended the basic pistol safety course must accompany your application. See the Albany County Sheriff's website for scheduled dates for pistol courses
  • When the above steps are completed, both pistol applications must be notarized
  • Fingerprinting is done through the identogo website. See the instructions (PDF) provided


Once your application is completed contact the Cohoes Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division by calling (518) 233-2146 to schedule an appointment to review the application.  The Criminal Investigation Division will forward your application to the Albany County Clerk to be processed and forwarded to a judge for approval.  If approved, you will be notified by the Albany County Clerk’s Office.  There is a permit fee of $10 payable to the Albany County Clerk.  Amendments thereafter are $3 per amendment.

Your pistol permit, if issued to you, is a privilege. Treat it as such. The judge approving to issue your permit, also has the right to revoke your permit.