Foreclosure Prevention

Help With Foreclosures

The City of Cohoes is committed to foreclosure prevention. Working together with the various levels of government and local non-profits, the City seeks to provide education and assistance to prevent foreclosure through education, loans and services. To that end the following existing programs provide excellent assistance to property owners who need help preventing foreclosure:
Additional resources can be found at the following websites:
Generally speaking, once a homeowner misses even a few mortgage payments, it would be wise to seek help immediately. Foreclosures lower credit scores, making it difficult to obtain future loans. In addition, the impact of a foreclosure can last for years.

Options When Facing Foreclosure

Homeowners have the following several options when faced with foreclosure:
  • Sell the property
    • Arrange a short sale for less than the debts owed
    • Negotiate a deed-in-lieu (DIL) with the mortgage lender
    • Retain a real estate agent
  • Apply for a loan to refinance
    • At a lower interest rate
    • For a longer term with decreased monthly payment amounts

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Most importantly, don't suffer alone. The services described were created to assist homeowners during this difficult time. Feel free to contact this office at the City of Cohoes anytime: