Project Checklist


Following is a basic checklist for your project. The items included are typical work that should be addressed as part of any rehabilitation. If your project is being reviewed by the SHPO, this list is a guide to baseline review materials. It is not comprehensive, however; your project may involve other work not covered here.

Exterior (all elevations)

  • Porch, stair and rail elements
  • Roofing and gutters
  • Skylights
  • Trim

Masonry (Brick, Stone, Terra Cotta, etc.)

  • Cleaning specifications, including materials and methods proposed
  • Existing finish
  • Information about stain, paint, or other coatings used
  • Repair/replacement information
  • Re-pointing specifications, including materials and methods


  • Existing Siding
  • Finish treatments
  • Repair/replacement information


  • Existing conditions/materials
  • Methods and materials for repair
  • New storefront construction plans and elevations including design, materials and finishes


  • Existing conditions/configurations
  • New window materials/configurations, including comparative profiles between the original and new
  • Repair techniques
  • Storm window location, type, material, finish and manufacturer's literature

Additions, New Construction & Demolition

  • Impact on historic property
  • Materials and finishes to be used
  • Site plans, keyed photographs, and elevations


  • Existing Condition of exterior and interior doors
  • Information establishing how new doors will be compatible with historic doors

HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning)

  • Extent of piping and ducting and its impact on spaces, architectural features and exterior elevations
  • Type of work


  • Impact on wall or ceiling surfaces and the resulting
  • Type, location and methods of installation
  • Vapor barrier installation


  • Ceiling heights
  • Decorative finishes and moldings, including both plaster and wood
  • Floors
  • Mantles and other architectural features
  • Stairs
  • Wall and ceiling materials and finishes

Plan & Elevation Changes

  • Elevation drawings describing materials, finishes, and colors
  • If non-original alterations are to be removed, photographs and plans of these elements
  • Information describing any impact on historic spaces and features for exterior changes