Libaray Temporary-Location-Sign

All are welcome to come and visit our new temporary location at the Cohoes Senior Center, 10 Cayuga Plaza. We are open effective Monday, August 2 from 10 am to 2 pm.

We have items on display, materials that have been pre-ordered by the public, and services like printing, scanning, and copying that we can still provide in our new home away from home.

In one day, the library staff has caught up on all of the materials returned to our book drops. This means all items should be cleared from library accounts with no fees being charged to our patrons. In two days, deliveries held at City Hall, Upper Hudson Library System (UHLS), and our former library building have also been processed and are waiting for you to come by to pick them up. And, in three days, UHLS has set up our technological infrastructure allowing us the ability to check accounts, process materials, and communicate via email while our phone system is still being worked on by Spectrum. We even have our book drop from the main building stationed in from of the Cohoes Senior Center for easy drop offs.

In short, although we still have a few tweaks that need to be done, overall the Cohoes Public Library is ready to help everyone who needs library assistance – getting a library card, ordering a book, finding a movie, you name it! We look forward to serving you in our new temporary quarters provided by the generous support of the Cohoes Senior Center. All are welcome!

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