Cohoes Visitor Center

Cohoes Music Hall


Interactive Map

Explore the City's historical sites using our touch screen map.  This exhibit contains 30 locations and provides images and historical information.

Cohoes Vistor Center Interactive Map

Cohoes Falls - A Short Story

This exhibits recaps Cohoes Falls' history from 20,000 BCE to the present. Learn how the falls were formed 20,000 years ago, the discovery of the Cohoes Mastodon, Indian sacred land, early tourism, and some famous visitors. 

Cohoes Vistor Center  Cohoes Falls A Short History

Harmony Mill Power System

This exhibit shows how the Boyden turbines supplied the power to operate the machinery that produced large quantities of fabrics. 

Cohoes Visitor Center Harmony Mills Power

Mill Worker Audio Stories 

A presentation of three short interviews of actual mill workers recorded in the 1970's. Each interview is under 5 minutes! 

Cohoes Visitor Center Mill Workers Stories

Lock 38

An exhibit complete with a diorama and animation of how a canal boat would move upstream and downstream through a lock.

Cohoes Visitor Center Lock 38

A Day in the Life of Cohoes

This video is a combination of two movies.  You will learn why the textile industry and workers flocked to the powerful Cohoes Falls. You will learn about the conditions of the mills, and how the community dealt with the wage reduction of April 6, 1882! 

Cohoes Visitor Center A Day in the Life of Cohoes

Canal Lock Experience

A hands-on STEM activity that allows participants to navigate boats through four lock chambers.  This exhibits shows all the key structures needed for a lock system. 

Cohoes Visitor Center Canal Lock Experience