Colonel Robert R. Craner Veterans Service Medal

Award History

The City of Cohoes is pleased to continue the tradition of honoring individuals who have served our country with the Colonel Robert R. Craner Service Medal. The Service Medal Award was established in 2006 to recognize those individuals who have enlisted from Cohoes and were honorably discharged with a minimum of 2 years service from the Korean War until now.

The City of Cohoes has honored over 50 veterans with Service Medals since establishing the award in 2006. The medals recognize not only Colonel Craner who was an Air Force veteran who served in the Vietnam War and was held captive as a Prisoner of War at the Hanoi Hilton for 5 long years (1967 to 1973), but to recognize the individuals from Cohoes who have served our country.

Application Process

Candidates for the Service Medal are encouraged to submit an application with their DD-214, which is proof of honorable discharge. A 3 person review committee will review all applications in preparation for the award. The presentation of the medals is once a year at the Memorial Day Parade.

Applications must be presented to the Human Services Department for consideration. For further information please contact the Human Services Department at 518-233-2116 or by email.