Expanding Solar in Cohoes: What You Need to Know

Welcome to the City of Cohoes Solar Page. As part of our integrated "Cleaner Greener Cohoes", "Restore Historic Cohoes" and "Infrastructure Revitalization" initiatives, the City of Cohoes is committed to expanding the adoption of solar energy and other forms of clean energy technologies in our community. If you are interested in learning more about how to install a solar PV system on your home or business, be sure to refer to the steps outlined in our Solar Commitment. If you would like to know more about the City of Cohoes' innovative Floating Solar Project, you can find more information here.

How We Can Help:

Our Solar Commitment

The City of Cohoes Office of Building and Planning is committed to working with residents to guide them through the solar permitting process. Here are the steps to get on the path to installing a solar PV system:

  • The NY State Unified Solar Permit outlines the requirements for PV installations in the City of Cohoes and is Step 1 in the solar permitting process.
  • As part of the NY State Solar Permit application, a Building Permit must be obtained from the Office of Building and Planning.
  • Small rooftop solar PV permit applications will be processed within approximately 3 business days. 
  • All solar PV installations must receive two inspections before final approval can be granted:
    • Rough Inspection: The purpose of the rough inspection is to allow the inspector to view aspects of the system that may be concealed once the system is complete (e.g. wiring that is concealed by new construction, portions of the system that are contained in trenches or foundations that will be buried upon the completion of the system, etc.); and  
    • Final Inspection: During the final inspection, the inspector will review the complete installation to ensure compliance with codes and standards, as well as confirming that the installation matches the records included with the permit application.
    • Check the Field Inspection Checklist to see what Code Enforcement will be looking for.
  • The On-site inspections can be scheduled by contacting Code Enforcement by telephone at (518) 233-2127. 
  • Note: For the convenience of our residents, the City of Cohoes Code Enforcement Office offers specific inspection appointment times for solar inspections.
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Estimate the Benefits of Installing Solar

Installing a solar PV system offers many benefits to individuals and the community. Relying on the sun as a renewable energy source, solar PV systems improves environmental quality by reducing carbon emissions and air pollution, all while supporting local solar companies in New York. For individuals, installing solar PV systems saves money on electrical costs as the price continues to drop from technological developments, and improves electric grid resilience during peak demand and other stresses to the system. 

Solar Potential

Investigate your property's solar potential by clicking here. You can also estimate the performance of potential solar PV projects using the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's PVWatts Calculator

Finding a Contractor and Going Solar

Find a solar contractor to assess your home for solar energy and provide a quote. Certified practitioners can be found through NABCEP.

Financing, Incentives, and Tax Exemptions

Solar installations are typically paid for through loans or cash. Federal and State incentives are also available.