Common Council Meeting

Common Council Meeting 

Cohoes City Hall

Cohoes, New York 12047


Tuesday, July 25, 2023, 7:00 p.m.



Roll Call           

Public comment

  1. Ordinance No. 5 – An Ordinance amending Sub-section A of section 198-33 of the Code of the Cohoes City regarding vendor license fees
  2. Ordinance No. 7 – A Bond Ordinance, dated July 25, 2023, of the Common Council of the City of Cohoes, Albany County, New York (the “City”), authorizing the undertaking of various capital improvement projects to various city facilities, at an estimated maximum cost of $995,000, and authorizing the issuance of serial bonds in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $995,000 of the city, pursuant to the local finance law to finance said purpose, said amount to be offset by any Federal, State, County and/or Local funds received, and delegating the power to issue bond anticipation note in anticipation of the sale of such bonds to the City Comptroller
  3. Resolution No. 37 – A Resolution amending the annual budget for Fiscal Year 2023
  4. Resolution No. 38 – A Resolution authorizing the Mayor to execute one or more agreements with National Grid for Restoration of Certain Streets
  5. Resolution No. 39 – A Resolution determining that action to undertake various capital improvement projects to various city facilities will not have a significant effect on the environment